So, this summer, I have a lot going on. Finals are over and I’ll be working on multiple things until the Fall semester. So, I’m making this binder to help me along the way. I’ll post a photo later of what it looks like, but this is what it will consist of:

  • I will have a section for each of my favorite photographers from the early 1900s to the present that have artworks that inspire me as well as the fashion photos they have done for magazines like Vogue.
  • I will have sections divided up by categories such as, pin-up, editorial, night shots, edgy, and conceptual. I’m sure the list will go on as the summer continues, but that’s what I’m starting off with.

I’ll be jotting down notes, gather examples/ideas, and build a large portfolio by the end of the summer. I’m taking Advanced Photography as my summer course as well, but this will also go towards that as well since it’s self-paced. This will also go towards my portfolio that I will be sending Vogue for the 2013 summer internship as well as other fashion magazines. I’m really excited. :)