after thursday being so jam packed with a lot of research, looking up listings, and other grown-up responsibilities, i spent friday toning it back a little. there was still a little bit of that on friday, but then i caught up on my tv shows and then played some video games for a wonderful amount of time. it was amazing. saturday, i got off the computer, ran some errands, cleaned the apartment for a spell, then spent the rest of the evening with my boyfriend, matt. 

sunday, we spent all morning looking around for masks and a fog machine for my photoshoot tomorrow. as you may or may not know, fog machines are not cheap. so we looked up alternatives on how to make them ourselves. did you know that with some glycerin and water (the only ingredients in fog solution) and some heat, you get fog? that's it. however, it's only good for indoor use (my photoshoot will be outdoors), and so it was very faint and practically nonexistent. :/ so, i shall use my handy dandy photoshop skills to create fog digitally. i will post the photos from the shoot tomorrow, but i'll leave the rest a surprise. :) i will now spend the rest of my sunday trying to get a head start on homework and attempt to go to bed at a decent hour.

have a happy sunday. :)