since april, i have been interning with the ever so talented, marge ely. it has truly been an amazing experience. as you may or may not know, i am a photography major and will be getting my BFA in a month. but i will have you know that i have learned an incredible amount from marge and her husband, scott. they are an endless book of knowledge and they kindly shared so much with me and i will be forever grateful. they taught me about the real world as a photographer and how to survive as one. they have taught me technical skills and creative tactics that have helped me grow. not only has marge been an excellent mentor to me, she's been a great friend. she was always willing to give me advice and talk to me about whatever was on my mind. she listened with an open mind, heart, and spirit. i'll always respect her and tell everyone i meet about her because she's truly amazing. thank you marge and scott for everything. i'm so proud of you for moving on to a new job with great opportunities. you deserve it. it's been a pleasure. :)

now here's some behind the scenes photos from the shoot this week and one that i would just like to share. :)