In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
— Aristotle

"Flora | Fauna"

Photographer // Taneisha Harrison
Model // Laiken Summerson
Stylist // Valerie Leatherman

{July 2014}

"Flora | Fauna" was a really fun photoshoot for me. It was combining so many things that I love all in one. I just recently graduated college and I'm not gonna lie, I purposefully put down my camera for a few months. I had just spent the past four years working on project after project on top of everything else a college student has to deal with. It was exhausting! But more importantly, I set down my camera to sit back and reflect on myself. I felt so stuck during college. I was trying to really figure out who I am as an artist. I knew for a fact that I love portraiture, fashion, and conceptual art, but who was I really? I couldn't find my style. It was all over the place. So, this is what I did. 

During this time, I went through all of my old work. I watched the transition of my work and picked up on a few things. The answer was in the portraits. I don't just have a style that bounces from series to series. My style varies from person to person. The style that you see in "Flora | Fauna" won't be seen in all of my work; unless it fits you as a person. I'm a people person and I love to get to know my models and the people I'm photographing. I like knowing who they are and what they are. Laiken is a beautiful person. She's personable, laid back, but she can also be fierce and powerful as an individual. Once I got her out by the water, she didn't just pose in it, she became a part of it. When we went into the woods, she began connecting with her surroundings. We laughed and had fun. It was an amazing day. That's what this style is. It reflects her as a person and that's what I love about this photoshoot. 

Also, a big thank you to everyone for their support! It truly means a lot. :) :)