I love your eyes like stars. and all your thoughts on fate, and everything you are, and how you radiate-
— 'Knots' by Anna Nalick
Blandy Farm Arboretum

Love isn’t about settling down or just trying to find a partner for life. Love isn’t about taking whatever you can get and hoping for the best - no. Love is about a connection deeper than you can possibly experience with anyone else. Love is about being with someone that makes you feel like the sun shines so much better whether they’re in front of you or in your mind. This person makes you smile at the mere thought of their name.

Love doesn’t have to be lovey-dovey romance or playful banter towards one another. Love is whatever that means between you two. For these two, love was endless laughter, comfort, the utmost support and respect for each other’s dreams - and more importantly, it was certainly a love to remember.

Ellie and Molly share a love that’s inspiring. While photographing them, I could feel their love spread throughout the whole venue. They’re in love and I couldn’t be happier for them. I know deep in my heart that they will spend the rest of their lives doing the things they love; rather it’s hiking, going to their favorite coffee shop, or simply spending time at home with their beautiful pup. Congratulations to Ellie and Molly ♡


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