This too will pass away.
— Helen Steiner Rice

All of my sessions are almost wrapped up and I can't express how amazed I am by all of these women. I always get a kick out of the beginning of our sessions. Naturally, they're nervous about posing or being in front of camera. I tell them, "Trust me. When these are said and done, you're going to be so happy with the results". So far, everyone is ecstatic, which makes me incredibly happy. They're all beautiful, inside and out. How they look in these photos are the way they looked in front of me, minus the removal of some poison ivy marks and the occasion pimple. My goal is that when everyone sees these images, reads my book, that they'll see natural beauty on the outside and within.

This session is another little lady that is a dear friend of mine. We met in college and I'm so happy to have met her. She's an artist, photographer --cooking and family mean the world to her. We can talk for hours upon hours about the past, present, and future. She has such a beautiful heart, mind, and spirit. I love this woman to pieces and I can't wait to share her story in my book. <3

"the looking glass." | Release Date: August 15, 2015