Gretchen is a very caring person, a loyal friend, future wife, and fashionista. Talking to her was so much fun and such a fascinating experience. A lot of the women I have interviewed thus far have had one or two people in their life that have inspired them, but Gretchen finds everyone in her life to be an inspiration to her! The people that have supported her, helped her, have been there for her over the years have made her more open-minded in life, especially her fiance, Ryan.

This past year has not been easy on her, but what I saw before me was a woman that held her head high with her feet on the ground. Her late mother's words have pushed her through these past several months --her mother admired her bravery and how strong of a person she is. Being someone that has also lost their mother at a young age, I truly admire Gretchen's bravery and can easily see her mother's words carry on with her. She's a beautiful, inspiring, and strong woman. I'm so proud of her and so honored that she was willing to be a part of my book.

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