It was a perfect cloudy day when I met with these anxious teens in Hedgesville, WV to photograph their gorgeous dresses and tuxedos before their senior prom. We were outside for an hour and a half to capture their moments together and about 60 seconds after leaving the location, it poured! Talk about luck! Granted, it was a little chilly but it was worth it. 

This was a nostalgic session for me. I'm sure you all remember your senior prom. My senior prom date was a good friend of mine and I had the most amazing dress I have ever owned. It was black and white, floor length, with a braided strapless top. We met with a big group of people to go out to dinner and danced the night away 'til the very end. Seeing how excited they were, how much fun they were having, reminded me of all of this! They were a really fun group. There were several moments when they couldn't hold a pose because they were laughing so hard - which was very contagious. :)

Another reason why this season was so nostalgic for me is because it reminded me why I got into this business. My passion for photography originated in sixth grade when I was just twelve years old. At a young age, I realized how important it is to capture and cherish all memories through photographs. Mental memories are wonderful but physically seeing them on screen or prints lasts so much longer! You can look back and be reminded of someone or of a moment at any time. We didn't have fancy cameras or video cameras growing up and I wish we did! I envy those that have home videos or a photographer that photographed their 1st birthday. I hope these girls and boys look back 10, 20, and 30 years down the road and are so touched that they were able to have these memories captured! 

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"Prom in Hedgesville, WV" Photographer:  Taneisha Marie Photography  Copyright ©2015

"Prom in Hedgesville, WV"
Photographer: Taneisha Marie Photography
Copyright ©2015

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