There's no better day to photograph a wedding than a snowy day. Well, for some, maybe there are - like summer days or any day of the year that's dry and sunny. But the snow didn't stop us from doing this photoshoot. To see the full set and other wedding or engagements images, click the button below.

Lauren&Justin | Faux Wedding

Lauren&Justin | Faux Wedding

One may ask, why photograph a fake wedding? Well, for portfolio reasons mainly. But for this assignment, I had been asked for wedding-type images that didn't really show the couple's face. I looked through my archives of weddings and engagements and it was slim pickings for a faceless couple. Instead of feeling defeated, I decided to stage a wedding couple to satisfy my clients. Now, I knew that it has been snowy lately and that there would be snow on the ground but I had no idea that it was supposed to snow today.

My boyfriend and I traveled from Winchester to Hedgesville to pick up my faux bride and help her prepare for the shoot and she sent me a text that said, "Uhhhhh be careful in the snow". I look outside and it's completely dry and I said, "Ehhhhh. It'll be alright". Well, we go up I-81 N and once we cross the West Virginia line, it starts to flurry. Now, this is a dusty snow, so I figure it was going to be nothing. I was wrong. We get to Martinsburg and the roads are covered, slushy and the snow was coming down much harder - but I was determined to continue this venture. 

My faux bride and groom are ready to go and we get in my (now magnificent) Kia Soul to go towards Poorhouse Farm. We had the idea to find a closer location, so we try the high school track. Big mistake. We get stuck. Like, we may not make it out of this, kind of stuck. Luckily, my boyfriend is great in bad situations and in the snow and he maneuvers the car in every direction and gets us out of the area and back onto a safer road. Thank you Kia for making my car's traction control and anti-lock brakes so wonderful - and thank you Matt for being a better driver than me. <3

Fast forwarding through many, "Are we there yet" questions, we reach our destination about an hour later than when we were supposed to start. We almost got attacked my beautiful geese and I, several times, almost fell for the snow's illusion that there was not a giant lake present and that I could just walk across to the destination I had in mind. But we made it! My friends were troopers. I bribed them with coffee cakes and extra towels for warmth. But all-in-all, i believe today was a success. I hope my client feels the same. :)

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Today was a lot of fun. Thank you. <3